Give and Take

We are all in the real world now, some of us surviving, some thriving. But whether it’s college, a workplace, or both, we are all trying to pinch our pennies and save! This is the time of our lives to build what we will hope to have. So what are some things we can do to help save that extra dollar? You could start cooking at home instead of eating out, you could learn to utilize coupons, or if you’re adventurous like me, then THRIFT most of your clothes! As of late, millennials are found wearing all sorts of styles, so you can easily pop into a local thrift store and find something that screams “YOU”.

You would be utterly surprised at the amount of new and barely used clothing pieces you can find in any of the three Rhode Island Savers stores. (Providence, Warwick and East Providence) The Salvation Army stores are also helpful if you’re looking for plain shirts or sweats, jackets, and other winter essentials. There are seven to ten Salvation Army locations in Rhode Island inconveniently placed areas. Another very popular, age-friendly thrift store, that I keep seeing people take advantage of is Plato’s Closet! (Warwick) most everything in there is designer or a name brand at department store prices. While it isn’t as cheap as savers, you will definitely feel like your money is being well spent, while most likely finding an incredible “statement piece” for girls night out this weekend.

If you miraculously cannot find something for you in any of the aforementioned thrift stores, maybe an RI consignment shop is more your style. If you don’t know the difference between the two, a thrift store accepts donated items of many quality types, while consignments are handpicked, high-quality merchandise. While I can gently promise you, that you will come across some golden items while searching in thrift stores, I can also guarantee a win in a consignment store. The only catch is that most consignment is usually just a little more pricey. (But always consider that better quality will last you longer). Local popular consignments include Blackbirds Consignment, Rocket to The Moon, Lanes, Second Time Around, Second Time Around Sports, The Find on 6, and One More Time. Blackbird has a smaller, seasonal selection, but with fair prices and amazing sales. (Up to 75% off when stuff begins to date out.) For a wider selection, try Second Time Around, or find great deals on a variety of gently used sports gear at Second Time Around Sports.
Now up my beautiful folded sleeve, I have a few tips and tricks for you when beginning to thrift! Starting by knowing what you’re looking for! Things will be cheap and tempting, slowing and silently tricking you into buying more than you need. Remember, we are trying to save you money! Also, buying a piece that is versatile not only in the way you wear it, but the weather you wear it in, really screams “practical”. By this I mean plain colored long sleeves or tank tops that can be worn under a more stylish piece. Layering is still in guys. Growing up in Rhode Island I learned that when the weather here is so quick to change, you have to be quicker! Being able to peel off a sweater and a long sleeve that you needed at eight in the morning is the best feeling by noon time. Now, I’m going to share one more secret of thrifting with you; ย I try to tell everyone this one in hopes someone listens! BUY YOUR COAT OR SEASONAL JACKETS AT THRIFT STORES. The selection and size options you’ll be confronted with will overwhelm you at first. And then the extremely low prices will absolutely knock you right off your feet. Name brands, often very gently used, at a price most would consider a steal. Do it. It will feel so good knowing how little you spent and you’ll look amazing!

While I’m on the topic of jackets, make sure if you find something that is extra warm, big and long, leave it. Thrift stores are there to help every class of people find affordable clothing. The prices are low so those who are homeless or struggling can find something to keep them comfortable in Rhode Island’s ever-changing weather. Being aware of the give and take of a thrift store makes a successful purchase feel that much better. Also make sure if you do decide to regularly thrift, you should also give back and donate clothes, shoes, books you no longer have a use for. Something you don’t need, another person is looking for. It’s a very simple way to give back to your community in a big way.

If you spent just one week in Rhode Island, you could experience all four seasons. You will go from your ideal weather to being uncomfortable in just a few hours. So while having a variety of clothes for all different seasons on hand would be convenient, you also get to save yourself effort and money by repurposing thrifted pieces and filling your closet with clothes that make you feel and look great! I hope you embrace the tips I shared with you, and I hope you check out a few of our local shops! There definitely is something for everyone

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