Dope Spot: Movie’s On The Block (It’s Free!)

So let me start by saying last summer [Summer 2016] I had days where I could not find a single thing to do in Rhode Island. Personally, I love to go out, try new things and have new experiences. I am an absolute movie junkie so finding “Movies On The Block” was a blessing in disguise.ย It’s a free outdoor theater in downtown Providence, showing blockbuster and cult films alike. I went with my friend Devin last year and watched the original Superman movie (1978). The movies will be shown every Thursday evening at sundown the entire summer on Grant’s Block [260 Westminister St]. You will need to bring your own seating, like a chair or even a blanket as there are only a couple of benches around. I brought two chairs and had a great view of the film shown last year, it was a really cool experience to see an absolute classic projected in the middle of Providence, it’s honestly something I’d love to do on a weekly basis [I mean it is free, so why not]. If you look above this is the advertisement for this year’s lineup, I think it’s sick they are showing The Godfather but can you ignore the fact Mean Girls is being shown as well? I can’t, that movies hilarious. You will have to park on the street, although I paid $10 to park close by and if you are hungry there will be food trucks right next to the showing! If you check below I did take one picture of the screen, I had to throw it on Snapchat, none of my friends even knew it existed!

Movies On The Block Facebook Page

Movies On The Block Website

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