Rhode Island is known for many things: Iggy’s, Thayer Street, being the smallest state in the country, and among many things–Friartown. Friartown, otherwise known as, Providence College is a small, four-year, private liberal arts institution. Located in the heart of the city, Providence College is known for its science and business programs. Which leads me to the overarching point of this article: It’s an extremely difficult school to attend.

Personally, my days are long and my nights are longer. As a person majoring in science, my days consist of Pc’s delicious baked-chicken penne from Alumni dining, caramel swirl iced-coffee from our very own Dunkin Donuts and studying. You know that Mac Miller song, the one where he says “long days, longer nights?” Well, if colleges changed their dogma’s to rap-lyrics that would be PC’s.

I know, you don’t want to hear about studying because Providence College is known for its basketball, hockey, and superb gym facility! As correct as this is, it’s just as wrong. Providence College takes its academics seriously. Ask any-single student on campus, even if your major is not excessively demanding, our core curriculum calls for studying Western Civilization for four semesters. On a normal day I do at least five hours of homework, but to every tragic story, there’s a bright side. I’ve accumulated several studying tips along the way:

  1. I know you want to wait until the very day before to start studying for that dreaded exam. Don’t. At the very least, take some time two days before, but three is even better! The pressure of studying the night before makes you rush through the important little details that will be on the exam.
  2. If you need to pull an all-nighter, Dunkin Donuts iced coffee from the very best coffee-chain in Rhody will do the trick. Drink one at 9 and drink another at 11. Your all-nighter will be a breeze.
  3. Try NOT to pull all-nighters. Sleep deprivation impacts cognitive function making it much more difficult to retain information when you’re tired.
  4. Make a study-guide, it’s your best-friend. Prepare a study guide at least two nights before the exam. Keep your study-guides as the year progresses so that the final becomes a series of study-guides rather than three-hundred flashcards.
  5. Listening to music allows you to zone out during study sessions. If you’re one of those people that find it difficult to do this–try listening to instrumentals. There’s as study done that proves students who listen to classical music tend to do better on average on quizzes than students who study in silence.
  6. Highlighters, sticky-notes, self-testing and peer-studying are on your side! Take advantage of them.
  7. If you’re coming to PC be prepared to study in the most beautiful locations on campus. Our campus mimics the beauty of a church without the pressures of an enforced religion. It always helps to study in the presence of greatness as motivation to one day become great at what you do.

And for those of you wondering, what exactly is a Friar? It’s a member of a Roman-Catholic religious order. The Friars here, along with the other faculty, are brilliant and just another reason to come to Friartown.


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