Underground Dunkin Frozen Drink Menu

As a current Dunkin’ Donuts employee there are a lot of tips and tricks on making the perfect frozen drink. Certain swirls and flavor combinations work in harmony and some are left to be desired. Having 2+ years of experience at Dunkin Donuts has given me all the time in the world to experiment. And lets be honest not everyone can afford a seven dollar frozen drink from Starbucks. But nonetheless I’m going to let you guys in on my secret underground coolatta/frozen drink menu from Dunkin:

1.) Creamsicle Coolatta

This coolatta will have you salivating at the mouth on a hot summer day. The mix of vanilla bean and orange coolatta pair well with each other, and quite frankly tastes even better than creamsicle icecream.


2.)Fruit Roll-Up Coolata

This coolatta has major sleeper alert all over it. On a nice summer day this coolatta will have your taste-buds and memory jogging back to your childhood days. It is is a strawberry coolatta with a peach and blueberry flavor shot inside of it.


3.) Strawberry-Vanilla Bean Coolatta

This coolata is an underground fan-favorite for some customers that I have. The strawberry base and the vanilla bean swirl pair well together. This is similar to the creamsiscle coolatta, although it would be strawberry creamsicle. Think of those hard fruit-flavored creamsicle candies transformed into a magical frozen drink.


4.) Cotton-Candy Coolatta

When one of my coworkers showed me this coolatta, I thought to myself that there is no possible way this tastes like cotton-candy. She used the blue raspberry coolatta base and also integrated vanilla bean swirl. I know it sounds weird, but when I tasted it I was shocked. It tasted exactly like a cotton-candy novelty ice cream bar. So all the credit goes to her for this coolatta.


5.) Coffee Coolatta

This is the vintage/old school coolatta that everyone in Rhode Island knows about. It is delicious and refreshing the way it is, but that would make this post boring. You also could use only one swirl flavor as well to keep things simple. But personally I don’t like simple, I have some flavor combinations that are always at your local Dunkin and truly bode well with the coffee coolatta flavor:

  • Caramel/Mocha
  • Hazelnut/Mocha or Fudge Brownie ⇒ (Nutella Flavored)
  • French Vanilla/Caramel
  • Caramel/Coconut ⇒ (Girl Scout Cookie)
  • French Vanilla/Toasted Almond ⇒ (French Toast)
  • Caramel/Toasted Almond ⇒ (Candy Bar)



SIDE NOTE: FEEL FREE TO ADD A TURBO-SHOT FOR 99 cents to any of these delicious coffee frozen drinks to give you that boost you need.

6.) Frozen Hot Chocolate

Are you missing that bold chocolate taste of hot cocoa in the winter. Well Dunkin has a solution for you, and it is quite a delicious one. These Frozen Hot Chocolates are made in a completely different machine than the coolattas are. You have a few options with the frozen hot chocolate:

  • Regular Frozen Hot Chocalate
  • Salted Caramel Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • Mint Frozen Hot Chocalate


SIDE NOTE: FEEL FREE TO ADD A TURBO-SHOT FOR 99 cents to any of these delicious coffee frozen drinks to give you that boost you need.


7.) Frozen Dunkaccino

Dunkin also provides this hot delicious chocolate/coffee drink in frozen form. The frozen dunkaccino is a popular menu item in the summer.dunkin

8.) Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

To take a more healthier approach, Dunkin’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie is a solid option to go with. The smoothie is sweet, but not overbearingly sweet like some coolattas. The texture of this smoothie is way more smoother than any other frozen drink on the menu, since it is made with yogurt and strawberries.


9.) New Summer Coolattas

  1. Watermelon Coolatta – this is a great coolatta on a hot summer day, this coolatta draws huge comparison to Del’s Watermelon Lemonade. Call me crazy, but if you haven’t tried this coolatta; you are missing out.
  2. Pink Lemonade Coolatta – For any pink lemonade fanatic this coolatta is for you.







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