Chris Sale – New Team, Same Story?

Season after season, it seems as if the Boston Red Sox always manage to make either a blockbuster trade, or a splash in Free Agency. Some significant additions over the years include Adrian Gonzalez, Adrien Beltre, Carl Crawford, Rick Porcello, Pablo Sandoval, and Hanley Ramirez– just to name a few. Sticking with the same narrative this past off season, Boston made a blockbuster trade with the Chicago White Sox to acquire one of the league’s best arms in Chris Sale, who consistently finds himself in the Cy Young conversation year after year.

The addition of Sale is huge for Boston. However, it did not come cheap by any means. The return for the White Sox was highlighted by two of Boston’s top prospects in (2B) Yoan Moncada and (RHP) Michael Kopech. Both who of which are ranked as baseball’s 2nd and 15th overall prospects, respectively.

Although this may seem like a hefty price tag, especially for a pitcher who is known to have temperamental issues within the clubhouse, the Red Sox are in win-now mode. Even with the attitude problems there is no denying that Sale is easily one of the top talents in the league. One thing that plagued Sale throughout his five-year stint as the Ace for the White Sox was that he could never seem to get enough run support from his former squad. Over the past five seasons, Sale has had an Averaged Runs Support of only 4.04 per game. In comparison,  Red Sox stud Rick Porcello had an Averaged Runs Support per game of 6.6 en route to 22 Wins, and his first Cy Young award this past season

One would think that after going from the 20th ranked offense in 2016 (White Sox) to the 1st ranked offense in 2016 (Red Sox), Sale would finally not to have to worry about his runs support woes. The thing is, through Sale’s first two starts in Boston he is only backed up by 1 run in 14.2 innings. Should it be time for Sox fans to panic? Absolutely not. Sale has been almost flawless through his first two starts. He may be (0-1) but he also has an ERA of 1.23 with a 10.43 K/9 rating. If Sale keeps putting up these numbers then it will only be a matter of time until he starts racking up the W’s as the Red Sox bats will come alive very soon! Especially, with how stacked their lineup is. All in all, Sale is in good shape now and is playing the best ball of his life. Granted, two starts is a small sample size, but it looks very convincing that come season end he will have himself a Cy Young award with his name on it.

 Photo Credits: Matt Stone 

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