Don’t be Sour (The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water)

Lemon water is a nutritious and refreshing drink to have at any moment during any season. It is a popular beverage in restaurants as it is costs essentially nothing and harmonizes well with dinner. Lemon is one of the most powerful fruits, when effecting the human anatomy. For me drinking lemon water on a consistent basis is a no-brainer, as it has a surplus of benefits for the human body. The average person in Rhode Island indicates to spend 1,110$ a year on coffee ALONE. Prepare a pitcher of lemon water at home and witness the results it will give you. Here are some reasons why you should fill that old pitcher you have in your cupboard:

Clears up Skin


Whether you decide to cut a slice of lemon and place it on your face or simply drink lemon-water the antioxidants contained in lemons fight off acne, and blemishes.



The dietary fibers and minerals in lemon water help satisfy hunger cravings. Therefore, assisting you in dropping weight.



When you are drinking lemon water your body will flush out bad toxins, as well as replenish and hydrate tissues. Lemon water contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, vitamin c, and magnesium. These nutrients will give your body natural endurance throughout the day.

Fresh Breath

u smell bad!

A common reason why an individual has bad breath is because of the dryness of that person’s mouth. The pH level and acidity of the lemons stimulate the glands of the tongue and mouth, and keep the mouth from being dry.

Brain/Immune Health


The nutrients in lemon water increase oxygen levels in the brain, leaving you feeling energized instead of drowsy. Also lemons are a key cog for your immune system, as it can help fight against cuts, bruises, viruses, and any other infections.

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