Sneakers: How to get hyped Jordans In RI


First things first, you need to pick the Jordan you want to acquire. I’m doing this article on the Jordan 11 university blue lows, they’re dropping this Saturday the 15th, but this applies to most Jordans and Yeezy’s(which are nearly impossible to get on release day). Then you need to see how the stores in your area are dealing out the Jordans. Providence Place Mall and Warwick Mall normally have raffles to win the chance to buy the sneakers, and that’s the case for this release. Some people may think it’s stupid to enter a raffle to buy the shoes, but the way that sneaker stores use to handle releases was a chaotic mess. I have “camped out”(waited outside for a few hours) for two sneakers. The Jordan 11 low “white/red” and the Jordan “Raptor” 7’s, both released in 2012. The 11’s were my first camp out and it was actually kind of fun, but it was just a waste of time. The “raptor” 7’s were actually a little bit crazy to camp for;






                                               Images Via Jordan’s Daily

I had to stand on the sidewalk of Eblens on Olneyville(around the corner from N.Y. System) with a lot of people for about two hours. Normally with these releases the stores only get a few pairs in each size, so at the time I didn’t know if the store would have my size when I got to the front, long story short I secured my own pair. In the bigger cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, etc. some limited sneakers caused riots and fights(crazy to think of someone fighting for something you put on your feet), so the sneaker stores had to find a simpler and less chaotic way to distribute these sneakers to ‘sneakerheads’ and the average consumer.

Fast forward to today, sneaker stores have gotten smarter with their distribution of limited sneakers. They mostly use the raffle system so that no one has to wait outside and waste their time and reduced the riots that some sneaker cause. The process is actually pretty simple. You go to the sneaker stores in your area the Monday or Tuesday before a hyped Jordan release, and put down your name and phone number on a raffle ticket. Then they call the winners on the Wednesday or Thursday of the sneaker’s release. If you win the raffle you can go to the store that called you until 3pm(Finish Line is only allowing people from 10-12pm) on the Saturday that they release. This eliminates the excess of people waiting outside for the store to open and also eliminates you waiting out in the cold. Some areas have a system on their sneaker apps and you can win the sneaker on release day and it’s supposedly easier. But I’m not entirely sure how that works because, none of the sneaker stores around here have that ability on their respective apps.

I went on Tuesday the 11th with my friend Miguel to enter in the raffles at Providence Place mall. We planned on going to both malls but, we were both busy throughout the day so we didn’t have enough time to go to Warwick mall. But we decided Providence Place Mall would be the best place to go to considering they have four sneaker stores; including Champs Sports, Finish Line, Footaction, and Footlocker. Luckily all of their stores had the raffle, so we were able to enter into all four and increase our chances of winning the 11’s. Depending on the results of the raffle I’ll get back to you guys if I was able to get the shoes or not.

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