14 Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair

Choosing a hairstyle that fits your look, can be difficult. The first order of business you should take is knowing what type of hair you have. Luckily if you have straight thick hair there are many fashionable hairstyles you could sport.

Thick Man-Bun


Messy Bangs – Short on Sides


Short Mullet-Fade


Euro Mohawk-Fade


Frizzy Spike – Short on Sides

frisky spike

Mini Faux-Hawk

little hawk

Mini-Bun Fade


Long & Messy


Long & Messy Hawk

Men Haircuts Straight Hair Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair Straight Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Undercut Comb-over – Part & Fade


Pompadour Undercut Fade



Short on top & sides


Slicked-Back Undercut

Taper Fade Straight Hair Top 30 Taper Fade Mens Haircut Styles

Slicked-Back – Long

slickback flow

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