Aaron Hernandez Acquitted in 2012 Boston Double Murder

On Friday, April 14th, Ex-NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez was acquitted on all but one charge over the 2012 murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. After six days of deliberations the jury found the ex-Patriot not guilty of all charges besides the unlawful possession of a gun which added another 4-5 years to his life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd. The prosecution for this trial claimed that Hernandez shot and killed the two men in a drive-by shooting outside the Boston nightclub they attended earlier in the night. They believed that a scuffle inside the club caused one of the two victims to accidentally spill his drink on Hernandez which allegedly threw him into the rage that led to the shooting. Hernandez’s defense claimed that the persecutions key witness, Alexander Bradley, was the true killer in this case. The jurors were instructed to not consider his prior conviction.

Since the acquittal, there has been talks about Aaron Hernandez getting out a prison. His lawyers have appealed for a new trial for the Odin Lloyd case and have shown a willingness to fight every charge against him. Although the chances of this happening are slim, it is certainly not impossible, especially with Attorney Jose Baez, who is responsible for helping to get Casey Anthony acquitted. The reason it is unlikely he will get out of prison is because of case against him in the Odin Lloyd murder was much stronger than the one in this case. Also, appeals cannot question what the jurors found as fact but can challenge legal decisions made throughout the trial that may have influenced the outcome. An example would be the improper admission of evidence, or jury misconduct.

Even if he was to get out, I don’t think he would have a home within the NFL anymore anyways. Please leave a comment below to discuss this issue!

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