Good Eats: Duck & Bunny – Providence

The D&B is a “Snuggery”: a cozy and comfortable restaurant.


(Snŭg’ə-rē) n. a cozy and comfortable place

If you’re looking to get crepes in Providence, this is the place to go to! They have long hours and an extensive menu actually, offering Brunch, Tea, Coffee, Wine, Beer, Cocktails & Bakery Goods. I have been here 5-6 times and I was impressed every time I came! My favorite things to order when I come [usually on a Friday or Saturday night] I start with tea or just a glass of water, I don’t have a specific tea I pick I like to try a new one every time I go, they have quite a few different kinds to try. If I come here and I hungry for dinner they actually offer a “Crepizza”, it’s a thin crust pizza and comes in four different styles. I usually go for “The Venetian” which has thinly sliced tomato, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and mozzarella. On the menu, it says personal pizza but its more than enough for two people to split, and it always comes out of the kitchen hot! I love getting it specifically because of how fresh the ingredients taste and the fact it comes right out of the kitchen, it doesn’t sit! Now for the Sweetery, this is the best part of the night when you get to order a crepe, they actually have a couple sections of different crepes but I always get my crepe from the Sweetery section [you can see the menu here]. My absolute favorite is The Chubby Ella, “Nutella & Banana – a Parisian-style triangle of goodness.” I’ve never tasted a better crepe in my life, I never thought I’d love Nutella until it was wrapped up into a triangle. On top of their excellent food & service, Duck & Bunny has a great location on 312 Wickenden Street in Providence. The building it’s in has some historic value to it, I love the setting it almost feels like you’re at home being served crepes. Check below for their FB Page, Website & Hours! They do tend to get busy on Friday & Saturday, but they’re open until 1 am!

Duck & Bunny FB 

Duck & Bunny Website




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