How Nike gets High on 4/20

I learned something new about Nike today. Every year around April 20th they release a Nike Dunk inspired by the stoner ‘holiday.’

The Nike Dunk High ‘Skunks’ were the first sneakers Nike made with the weed theme. Releasing in 2010, this Dunk was outfitted with a fuzzy green upper accented with purple, for obvious reasons. A very cool detail of this shoe is the purple insoles that feature a green skunk.

nike skunk.jpg

Then Nike made a splash by making Nike Dunk’s inspired by everyone’s favorite potheads Cheech & Chong, dubbed the name ‘Un-rolled’. This pair features a clean white fuzzy fabric upper with one red patterned bandanna and one plain bandanna representing Cheech and Chong respectively. These sneakers have a very unique feature, if you take a knife and cut off some of the mud-guard around the toe it’ll reveal a green textured material.

nike cheech 1.jpgnike cheech 2.jpg

Nike wanted to keep up their 4/20 themes so what’d they do? Created a shoe after the guy with no shoes in the quad but always has something with him, a hacky sack. So they went along and made a Nike Dunk ‘Hacky Sack.’ The sneaker has a color blocking with black and a very crazy hacky sack print along with a gum mid-sole and brown bottom.

nike hacky.jpg

Nike knew how much people loved the Nike Dunks modeled after weed, so why not create a shoe with weed? That’s exactly what they did. Last year Nike released a Nike SB Dunk ‘Hemp’ that was made from real hemp. The sneaker is fitted with a hemp upper along with green and orange accents on the tongue and heel for a nice contrast.

nike hemp.jpg

Nike’s newest 4/20 inspired shoe is the Nike Dunk ‘Galaxy.’ This shoe was made to represent how most people feel on 4/20. On the insole is a Nike SB logo with a color gradient of red, yellow, and green very reminiscent of the Jamaican flag.

After a clean shoe like this, it seems that Nike is really on a role with their annual 4/20 releases.

nike galaxy 1.jpg

nike galaxy 2.jpg

Images Via KicksOnFire, Sneaker News, and Highsnobiety

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