Is it luck?

I am not ready to write off the Boston Celtics by any stretch of the imagination, but I do not think any sports analyst could’ve predicted this. Your #1 seed Boston Celtics down 0-2 with home-court advantage. This Celtics team has their backs against the wall heading to Chicago.

The playoff grit and experience showcased by Rondo, Wade, and Butler have really pushed the Celtics towards elimination. From games 1 and 2, I’ve noticed the Celtics are not matching their playoff intensity.

If you watched some of the highlights, you could point out a lack of awareness on both sides of the ball for the Celtics. The Celtics are not getting any 50/50 balls, and it seems that they are not defending with any purpose. I feel this Celtics team is taking this Chicago Bulls team too lightly, and these two games are results of that. The Boston Celtics are not good enough to play at 80 % and beat this team, they need to give maximum effort on both sides of the ball.

As the video points out, the Celtics will more than likely lose the rebound battle. With their personnel there is not much they can change about that. The Celtics have been averaging 15.5 turnovers per game this series, and they need to bring that number down to 10 or less. Also the Celtics have not been able to hit the 3 ball at high percentage. Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and Al Horford have all been receiving decent looks, but none of them have been able to knock them down. What they need to do is attack the basket. They need to get to the free-throw line, and create draw & kick opportunities for CLEAN 3 point looks.

From what I have seen and analyzed, they have been settling for too many three’s. Lets get one thing straight, this team is not the Houston Rockets. Nor do they have any of the great shooters Houston has. Maybe in the regular season chucking 3 pointers might have gotten you by, but this is playoff basketball. The defensive intensity kicks up a few notches, and our execution needs to kick up a few notches.

If the Celtics are not able to comply with those weaknesses, the Chicago Bulls might as well bring out the broom and send the Celtics home.




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