Finding the Perfect Glasses for You

Not everyone was born with 20/20 vision and not everyone is in love with the concept of contact lenses. Fortunately for some people glasses have been riding an upward trend in fashion. Glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and to find the perfect one for you is to know your face shape. Look in the mirror and draw an outline of your face and you will fall into any of these categories:

  1. Rectangle
  2. Oval
  3. Diamond
  4. Oblong
  5. Square
  6. Circle
  7. Heart

Once you figure out your face shape you will have a good idea on what kind of spec’s you should be rockin’.

Rectangle – If your face is longer than it is wide, and you consist of a strong jawline; then you have a rectangular face shape. Similar to the square shape find more rounded lenses to compliment your face. It would be in your best interest to avoid wide and rectangular frames as that combination would not compliment your facial structure.

download (1)

Oval – If your forehead, cheeks, and chin are all proportionate then you have an oval face. If you are lucky enough to have an oval face almost any style of glasses will suit you.


Diamond – With a narrow forehead and jawline you are indeed a diamond face-shape. To compliment your delicate features go with oval or cat-eye shaped frames to bring out your cheekbones. Make an effort to avoid boxy/square frames, that will over-complicate your face.


Oblong – Similar to an oval face, if your face is longer than wide then you have an oblong face shape. Attempt to look for over-sized and rounder frames to add more depth to your face.


Square – For a square face shape look for glasses that soften your face. Find glasses that placed high on the bridge of your nose, with rounder frames. Try to avoid rectangular or angular frames.


Circle –  For a circle face shape you should lean towards strong angular/rectangular glasses that will add more definition and structure to your face. Definitely stay away from circular lenses if you have this face shape.


Heart – If you have broad forehead and cheekbones, but have a narrow chin you belong to heart-shaped family. Rimless frames will look tremendous on you and will soften you strong features. Avoid over-embellished and heavy frames as they may complicate your face negatively. 84d63261225ba58db894bcb9e84a1f56Rimless-Glasses-with-High-Index-Lenses-255x300

Keep in mind the more angular your facial features are the rounder your frames should be. And vice-versa the more round your facial features are the more angular you frames should be. The key is off-set your facial structure.

images via pinterest

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