Patriots 2017-2018 Regular Season Schedule. Time To Make Some Bold Predictions.




On April 20th, 2017 The NFL released each team’s regular season schedule. Here’s the Patriots schedule, so let’s make some very early predictions.

Week 1 (season opener) VS Kansas City Chiefs 

Loss. A tough Chiefs defense and the first game of the season for the Patriots just seems like a recipe for disaster. Chiefs pull off the upset loss on opening night and the Patriots will take it in stride as they normally do. If this were a mid-season game I’d pick Patriots all day. But at the beginning of the season things are still not where they’re supposed to be, so I can see the Chiefs exploiting that and winning.

Week 2 @ New Orleans Saints

Win. The Patriots have a slightly better offense and a much better defense than the Saints. Game may be high scoring, but I think the Patriots D can step up and stop the Saints offense when needed. Hopefully Malcolm Butler will be playing for the Patriots instead of the Saints this game.

Week 3 VS Houston Texans

Guaranteed Win. Patriots have the Texans number year in and year out. As long as Bill Belichick is coaching the Pats, they will beat the Texans every time. And I promise you that.

Week 4 VS Carolina Panthers

Win. I’m excited for this game, after the Patriots acquired Kony Ealy from the Panthers earlier in the off-season I can’t wait to see how he plays. Hopefully he’ll play with some extra fire when playing against his former team? One can hope. Patriots offense will be too much for a not so good Panthers defense, but expect Cam Newton to be able to run for quite the amount of yards against this Patriots defense.

Week 5 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Win. An familiar foe for the Patriots. I’ll admit I know almost nothing about the Bucs except for the fact they were almost able to sneak into the playoffs last year. So I think this game will be tougher than people expect. I’ll have to do more research as the season gets closer, but I’ll take my Patriots in this bout.

Week 6 @ New York Jets

Gritty Win. It seems like every win against the Jets is a gritty one. I expect this game to be like last year’s game @ the Jets, just warmer. A divisional game is never easy, but nothing comes easy in the pro’s. I predict a low scoring affair, somewhere between 20-10 Pats win.

Week 7 VS Atlanta Falcons

Win. Yes, a Superbowl rematch that should be a very entertaining game. In the Super Bowl the game wouldn’t have been as much as a one sided affair if not for a few terrible Patriots turnovers. But I don’t think that will happen this time around. I think this game will go how many people thought the Super Bowl would go, a high scoring game with each offense going back and forth. Patriots take the W in this rematch, sending the Falcons home with yet another loss.

Week 8 VS Los Angeles Chargers

Win. After being one of the bottom teams in the league last season, I don’t see the Chargers coming into Foxborough and beating the Patriots. The game won’t be a cakewalk, but it also won’t be the most challenging game of the season either. Patriots handily beat the Chargers and ride into the bye week on a good run.

Week 9 Bye Week

Week 10 @ Denver Broncos

Win. Another Sunday Night Football game and another W in the books for the Patriots. This Denver team just isn’t the same team they were when they had Manning at quarterback. Without a QB the Broncos rely heavily on their defense, and there’s only so much Von Miller can do. Without finding more offense, the Broncos will not be able to compete with the Patriots.

Week 11 @ Oakland Raiders (In Mexico)

Loss. The Raiders are a scary, scary team. With their high flying offense with an insane amount of weapons, there’s finally a team in the AFC that can compete with the Patriots offense (besides maybe the Steelers, maybe). Playing away from home will be tough, especially against David Carr and Amari Cooper. It should turn out to be a entertaining game, and possibly a regular season preview of the AFC Championship game.

Week 12 VS Miami Dolphins 

Win. Dolphins can’t play in cold weather, that’s a scientific fact. But seriously, the Dolphins had a good season last year. They were able to sneak into the playoffs and gain some confidence in their newly hired coach, Adam Gase. But when they played the Patriots in Foxboro last year they got obliterated by Jimmy Garoppolo. With Tom Brady at the helm, expect another W.

Week 13 @ Buffalo Bills 

Win by a million. Stephon Gillmore playing against his former team, Brady in Buffalo, Buffalo being a joke of a team. I kind of feel bad for Buffalo fans, knowing that their team is just a dumpster fire and they have to play the Patriots twice a year. Sorry guys.

Week 14 @ Miami Dolphins 

Loss. When the Dolphins return to their natural habitat, they are much better (they went  6-2 at home last year). It’s a bit unusual for the Patriots to sweep the Dolphins so i’ll give it a tough loss. Although this game could really go either way, I have a feeling the Dolphins will be able to escape with a win.

Week 15 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 

Win. Hopefully this game will be better than last years AFC Championship game, as long as each team can stay marginally healthy. Two offensive juggernauts in a mid-season clash should provide an excellent game. I think the Patriots get the win because I believe they’re just the better team. they have a better defense that can somewhat contain the Steelers offense. It won’t be easy but there’s nothing this team can’t do.

Week 16 VS Buffalo Bills

Win. Should be another easy win for this Patriots team. They get the season sweep, and two solid wins to boost their record. Thank you Buffalo.

Week 17 VS New York Jets

Win. Only reason I’m hesitant to call this a win is because it’s the last game of the season and I don’t know if the Patriots will rest players. If they don’t rest, Pats win. If they do rest, hell, Pats win. The Patriots B team would beat the Jets A team.


Final Record: 13-3

Projected Seed: #1

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