Hatred grows between Sox, O’s


machado slide

The Red Sox couldn’t mount any offense on Friday, losing 2-0 to the Orioles in the opener of a three game series. However, after the game, the bigger topic of discussion was that the team nearly lost second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

Pedroia was nearly injured by a slide from Manny Machado in the 8th inning that spiked him in the leg. The Red Sox needed to help Pedroia off the field, but after the game he said he was ok. “I feel alright; I just got some treatment and stuff, but I’m alright,” Pedroia said.

Red Sox manager John Farrell was upset with the slide and the fact the Sox were not rewarded the double play. A new rule, 6.01(j), was established in the offseason with the intention of protecting the middle infielders. Machado was out, but no double play was rewarded.

Look for the remainder of the games between these two clubs to be very tense as the rivalry intensifies. The Sox look to salvage the remaining two games at Camden yards before they welcome them to Fenway for a four game series to open up May.



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