Red Sox in the next week

red sox

The Red Sox have started off the season going 10-7. Not exactly what fans were expecting, but considering the play of most MLB teams so far, you can’t really be too disappointed. Of those 17 games, 10 have been against AL East teams. However, the schedule doesn’t seem to get any easier as the calendar rolls on.

Beginning Tuesday, April 25th, the Red Sox start the list of 13 consecutive games, 10 of which are at Fenway. 13 consecutive games is no easy task for any big league club, especially when it comes to the teams they’ll be facing.

The Red Sox first welcome the hottest team in baseball to town, their arch nemesis New York Yankees for a three game series. Following that, the defending champs, the Chicago Cubs come to town for the first time since Β 2014. Lastly, the Baltimore Orioles complete the homestand and then the Red Sox are off to Minnesota to face the Twins for the final three games.

These 13 games will be tough, and it’s imperative the Red Sox come out on top, going at least 7-6 or they can dig themselves a hole very early.

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