The Life of Boost


By now you have probably seen or heard about Adidas and their newest innovation, Boost. But many people don’t know what it is or why it’s getting so much buzz.



Adidas released Boost technology in the Adidas Energy Boost model to combat energy loss in runners.

energy boost.jpg

Original Energy Boost commercial:


yeezy 750.png

In February, Adidas and Kanye West collaborated to make the Yeezy Boost 750 (pictured above) which sold out in less than 10 minutes. Four months later in June, Adidas and Kanye collaborated on their second sneaker and created the Yeezy BOOST 350 “Turtle Dove” (pictured below). Both of these silhouettes show that Boost can be used in a lifestyle shoe as well as a performance shoe.

yeezy 350.png


Adidas made a sneaker with a full length Boost sole and a primeknit upper (Adidas’s premiere knit), and created the Adidas ultra Boost. The release of this sneaker was highly anticipated after Kanye West wore an all white pair during his Billboard Music Awards performance (pictured below).

kanye west ultra boost.jpg

In December, Adidas released their famous and wildly popular NMD(Nomad) with a black primeknit upper along with two ‘bricks’ in red and blue with of course their full length Boost. The NMD was probably one of Adidas’ most important sneakers because this shoe was a lifestyle shoe similar to how the Yeezy was, but was more widely available and much cheaper to the average consumer.



Adidas has made three different iterations of the popular ultra Boost model and even some without the three stripe cage in countless colorways.


Kanye West and Adidas have collaborated on 14 different colorways between their three models.

750 choc.png350 black.png350 v2.png

Boost is now being used in the fields of basketball and football, as well as their original running category.

Adidas-Crazy-Explosive-PK-Black-Full.jpg                 UltraBOOT-Cleat-3x-Black-3.jpg                 350 cleats.jpg

All of these sneakers incorporate Boost for different uses. Boost is the most comfortable cushioning on any sneaker right now.

What is Boost?

Mikal Peveto, Adidas’s Senior Director of Innovation for running, says that ‘Boost is thermoplastic urethane that is formed into an elliptical shaped pellet that is formed together by steam to make a shape.’


Images Via Hypebeast, Sneakerfiles, and KicksOnFire

In short, Boost is a soft and springy pellet that is formed into a shape that reduces energy loss. More and more people are switching from their Nike Airs and are getting #BOOSTED with Adidas.

For more detailed information on Boost check out this video:


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