NFL 1st Round Draft Analysis

It’s that time of the year again. Time for all the mock drafts to get busted. Lets get to the picks.

No. 1 Overall: Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett (DE)

Everyone saw this coming. Garrett is one of the top pass rushing prospects coming out of college in recent years. Although Cleveland needs a QB you can never go wrong with pass rushers. If all things go well and Garrett lives up to the hype then this pick could very well help turn the Browns around. Don’t be surprised if the Browns end up taking a QB before the night is over though.

No. 2 Overall : Chicago Bears (Trade w/ 49ers) – Mitchell Trubisky (QB)

As a Bears fan I am completely SHOCKED by this pick. Not in a good way either. Don’t get me wrong, we have a need at the QB position after signing the mediocre at best Mike Glennon. But seriously man… Trubisky? This dude has one year under his belt. How can you draft a guy that high with very little experience. Reminds me exactly of Cardale Jones. Jones tore it up for Ohio State in their championship run and was already projected to go in the first round. Surprisingly, Jones returned to college and ended up costing himself millions of dollars after being drafted in the 4th round. Goes to show you can’t trust a QB with little experience. Booooo.

No. 3 Overall : San Francisco 49ers (Trade w/ Bears) – Soloman Thomas (DE)

The 49ers have a lot of needs at the 3rd pick. Like I said earlier though, you can never go wrong with pass rushers. Thomas was thought to be the safest pick after Myles Garrett so this is a good pick. This pick makes it the 3rd year in a row that the 49ers go D-Line in the 1st round. It looks as if San Fran is trying to have their defense be a force again like it was in the early 2010’s.

No. 4 Overall : Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Fournette (RB)

After loading up on the defensive side of the ball the past few drafts it was clearly time for the Jags to stack up their offense. Blake Bortles has had some recent talk about being on the hot seat but it doesn’t help that he hasn’t had a great player in backfield. I still remember reading an article on Fournette as he was coming out of High School saying he was going to be the next Adrian Peterson. Players coming out of High School don’t always live up to the hype but it’s clear that Fournette has lived up to his projections thus far at least through his college career. Fournette should help Bortles a ton and could help this Jags team be a threat in the near future.

No. 5 Overall : Tennessee Titans – Corey Davis (WR)

Pretty surprised by this pick. I definitely thought the Titans would go WR had they not traded back . But Davis was not the WR I thought they would take. I was expecting Mike Williams to be the first WR off the board. Davis definitely is a freak athlete though nonetheless. He tore it up this past season and the Titans already have a stacked backfield so this pick can help give Tennessee the boost they need to make a playoff push.

No. 6 Overall : New York Jets – Jamal Adams (S)

Jamal Adams. This was my guy. So sad the Bears didn’t draft him. The Jets are an absolute mess right now. Honestly they have needs all over the field so this is a good pick in my mind. LSU in known for producing great DBs and Adams looks like a stud.Hopefully Adams can be the next superstar safety because the Jets seriously need some good play anywhere they can get it. The Jets will still probably be terrible though, who even is their QB this year?

No. 7 Overall : Los Angeles Chargers – Mike Williams (WR)

Absolutely love this pick. Mike Williams no doubt to me is the best WR in this draft. It’s one thing to put up big stats, but the fact that he looked like a man among boys when playing Bama’s amazing offense in the Natty. Phillip Rivers has some nice pieces on offense but Keenan Allen can never stay healthy. If Allen stays healthy, then him and Williams can become one of the  better WR duos in the entire league.

No. 8 Overall – Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey (RB)

McCaffrey is an absolute stud. This dude runs like a horse he has no stop in him. Carolina’s defense was pretty terrible this past season so I think defense probably would have been the better pick here. Although defense was probably the better move McCaffrey is so versatile so they can have him in the backfield, returning kicks, or in the slot. This type of versatility is so valuable so this could be a pick that makes Cam Newton happy.

No. 9 Overall : Cincinnati Bengals – John Ross (WR)

John Ross might be the fastest dude in the league. He just broke the record for the 40 yard dash so that’s something Bengals fans should be excited about. With AJ Green being one of the best WRs in the league and having last years 2nd round pick Tyler Boyd still developing this trio could start to wreak havoc on the league. The Bengals have a solid roster but can never seem to get it done when it counts. Hopefully Ross can help flip the switch.

No. 10 Overall : Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes (QB)

I like this pick by the Chiefs. A lot of people probably would like Watson better here but he’s pretty much an upgraded version of Alex Smith. Mahomes is a gunslinger so KC may have wanted to transition their offense from a short pass offense to an over the top pass attack. Wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a Matt Stafford like player, who when he plays at his best, is one of the best QBs in the league.

– Also saw this dude tear up ASU in person this past season, he’s gonna be good.

No. 11 Overall : New Orleans Saints – Marshon Lattimore (CB)

Amazing pick for the Saints. The defense has been atrocious the past few seasons so picking up Lattimore who was arguably a top 5 talent at 11 is huge for the Saints. Brees isn’t getting any younger so QB could have been a good fit here as well but with a few seasons left for Brees there is still time to target a QB in the next few drafts.  Hopefully Lattimore can help revamp that Saints D.

No. 12 Overall : Houston Texans (Trade w/ Cleveland) – Deshaun Watson

Pretty happy for Watson getting picked here. The fact that he has one of the best defenses on the opposite side of the ball is huge. He will be on a playoff ready roster and has great targets in DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller. Coming off a Natty Watson very well could be winning some bigger games in the near future.

No. 13 Overall : Arizona Cardinals – Haason Reddick (OLB)

To be honest, I don’t know much about this dude. What I do know is that he put on an absolute show at the senior bowl and killed it at the combine which definitely boosted his stock up. The Cards definitely could have made a better pick here though if you ask me. They have drastic needs at ILB, CB, QB, and WR. This draft is pretty deep at those positions so they can always fill those needs on day 2 or 3, but probably would have been smarter to fill one of those needs in the 1st. round.

No. 14 Overall : Derek Barnett – Philadelphia Eagles (DE)

Barnett has been talked about as one of the best EDGE rushers throughout the whole draft process so to me this is a good pick. Hitting on Wentz last year was big so now the Eagles are shifting their focus to the defensive side of the ball which should help put them back in the playoffs. Also seemed as if the Eagles fans were pretty happy with this pick so that’s a good sign.

No. 15 Overall : Indianapolis Colts – Malik Hooker (S)

It’s about time that the Colts started to work on their defense. I still believe that this is Luck’s league when Brady is gone so they need to start making some moves if they’re going to make a Super Bowl run with Luck. Hooker is a good start but they should continue to focus on either Defense or O-Line throughout this draft.

No. 16 Overall : Baltimore Ravens – Marlon Humphrey (CB)

Ravens started looking like the Ravens of the old this past season. Defense was still kind of shaky though. Humphrey should help out the secondary. Always convinced that if the Ravens can sneak into the playoffs that they can upset the Pats. We’ll see if they can get it done.

No. 17 Overall : Washington Redskins- Jonathon Allen (DE)

Allen was projected to be a Top 3 so this is a steal for the Skins. The NFC East is going to be pretty competitive since all the teams have a respectable roster so being able to reach the QB will be important and that’s what Allen is here to do. As long as Allen’s shoulder holds up then we can look back at this pick as one of the better ones of the 1st round.

No. 18 Overall : Tennessee Titans – Adoree’ Jackson (CB)

After already going offense at the 5 pick it was pretty important that the Titans made an effort to boost their secondary. In a corner I would prefer a bigger player like Quincy Wilson out of UF but Jackson is the quicker player of the two. Jackson can also return kicks as well so his versatility will be key.

No. 19 Overall : Tampa Bay Buccaneers – O.J. Howard (TE)

Hands down one of the best picks of the entire draft. The Bucs are one the rise and they will soon have one of the best pass attacks in the entire league. Jameis Winston now has Mike Evans, the newly acquired D-Jax, Doug Martin in the backfield, and now the big threat O.J. Howard out of Bama. The NFC South tends to have a revolving door of division winners so don’t be surprised if this soon becomes the Bucs division.

No. 20 Overall : Denver Broncos – Garett Bolles (OT)

Finally. The first lineman taken off the board. Granted, this draft is not very deep when it comes to O-Line but we always see a lineman go in the top 10 at least. This dude has had a pretty troubled past so to see where he’s ended up is pretty heartwarming. The Broncos have been working on shoring up that offensive line so this is a pretty good pick. Considering Denver has some QB issues to worry about, it should be a top priority to have whoever is manning the offense protected.

No. 21 Overall : Detroit Lions – Jarrad David (LB)

Davis is a very good linebacker. He finds himself all over the field for tackles and even finds himself in the backfield for a few sacks sometimes as well. He has good size, and makeup for a linebacker so this should be a good pick for Detroit.

No. 22 Overall : Miami Dolphins – Charles Harris (DE)

Harris doesn’t quite get as much attention as some of the other pass rushers in this draft since he’s coming out of a pretty bad program in Mizzou. I really don’t know much about him but like I’ve said before you can’t go wrong with edge rushers and in a division where you have to play Tom Brady twice a year Harris’ ability to get to the QB will be key for the Dolphins.

No. 23 Overall : New York Giants – Evan Engram (TE)

LIke Harris, I don’t know much about Engram. The Giants were really banking on Hoard falling to them but they just missed out on him by a few picks. Apparently though, this pick had gained a lot of respect around the league. Engram is one of the more underrated players in the draft and could very well help the Giants have one of the deadliest passing games. In a draft that’s deep with running backs expect the Giants to go RB Day 2 because they have a drastic need in the backfield.

No. 24 Overall : Oakland Raiders – Gareon Conley (CB)

This pick probably shocked a lot of people. Conley has recently had some rape allegations brought up against him. Of course he could be innocent but it is a big risk taking a player with this type of baggage. nonetheless, Conley is one of the top CBs in the entire draft. Had there not have been any controversy around him he for sure would have been taken higher. If Conley ends up being innocent then this could end up being the steal of the first round. Oakland already has one of the best offenses so focussing on defense is the right move. Conley will definitely give a boost to that secondary.

No. 25 Overall : Cleveland Browns – Jabrill Peppers (S/LB)

Jabrill Peppers is one of the most fascinating players in this draft.  This man plays all over the field. He’s primarily a safety but he has lined up as a CB in the slot as well as the outside , LB, KR, and has some snaps on the offensive side of the ball as well. The first person that comes to mind when I think Jabrill Peppers is Cardinals S/LB Deon Bucannon. Bucannon has the ability to play either Safety or Linebacker so he plays as a hybrid known as the “Money-Back.” I could imagine Peppers plays in a role like this as well as he has the physicality to line up in the box, and the ability to drop back in coverage at the same time.

No. 26 Overall : Atlanta Falcons – Takkarist McKinley (OLB)

The Falcons were able to move up and snag McKinley who is a stud. He is graded as one of the top pass rushers coming out of the draft and the dude has a sad but motivational story. His father was never in the picture and at a young age right before his mother passed away he promised her he would make it to the NFL. All these years later and Takk came through on his promise. I’m very happy for him and hope he has a great career for his late mother.

No. 27 Overall : Buffalo Bills – Tre’Davious White (CB)

With the departure oh Stephon Gilmore there was a void to fill at the CB position for the Bills. Considering the draft is deep at Corner the Bills decided to trade to the back-end of the first round in order to acquire more picks in the future which is a pretty smart move. Of course they could have stayed where they originally were to snag a QB but after restructuring Tyrod Taylor’s deal they probably felt as if they need to give him one more year to prove himself. So definitely a solid move by the Bills in filling in a need with an immediate impact player in White while also gaining an extra first round pick for next years draft.

No. 28 Overall : Dallas Cowboys – Taco Charlton (DE)

You seriously can’t go wrong drafting someone named Taco. Instant A+ pick. Seriously tho Charlton is a pretty good player. As the season grew on he gained more and more attention and it’s deserving so as he put on some pretty well done performances. There’s no denying that the Cowboys need to focus on CB and with players like Quincy Wilson and Jalen “Teez” Tabor they definitely could have gone in that direction. But for the 1000000th time you can’t have too many pass rushers. Pretty important that the Cowboys go secondary on Day 2 though.

No. 29 Overall : Cleveland Browns – David Njoku (TE)

Really don’t know anything about NJoku. The Browns traded back into the first round and honestly this pick just baffles me. Not throwing shade on NJoku I’m more throwing shade on the Browns. How are they going to try bringing in these targets when they don’t even have anyone serviceable to throw the ball. I’m not high on Deshone Kizer but the Browns at least could have given him a shot. The Browns can keep brining in these defensive players and offensive targets but at the end of the day they will not win games without a decent QB.

No. 30 Overall : Pittsburgh Steelers – TJ Watt (OLB)

Another Watt in the NFL. That should probably frighten the QBs of the AFC North. Watt isn’t a super athlete but he has great technique as an edge rusher. His hands are amazing when trying to separate from his blockers and he also has one very good size. It will be hard to live up to some people’s expectations being JJ Watt’s little brother but I have a feeling this kid will be good. The Steelers haven’t been the greatest team on the defensive side of the ball the past few seasons so Steelers fans would hope that TJ can help start a turnaround.

No. 31 Overall : San Francisco users – Reuben Foster    LB, Alabama

Seriously though, John Lynch has killed it in his first draft as the 49ers GM. He completely ROBBED the Chicago Bears and now he may have snagged the steal of the 1st round. Foster was arguably a Top 10 talent but unfortunately he had a diluted drug sample at the combine which may have bumped down his stock quite a bit. Either way the 49ers found their LB of the future. Bowman has been hurt quite often and with Patrick Willis, and Chris Borland both retiring suddenly in the past few years this pick will be of great value. I said it earlier with the Solomon Thomas pick but after these two picks the 49ers will look to return to the fierce ways of the early 2010s.

No. 32 Overall : New Orleans Saints – Ryan Ramczyk     OT, Wisconsin

The final pick of the 1st round. Ryan Ramczyk is a solid tackle out of Wisconsin. He has the ability to anchor the left side of the line for Drew Brees which is a plus. Of course the Saints went defense earlier in the 1st round but it would not have hurt them to go defense here as well.  At the end of the day you can’t have your QB getting lit up so if Ramczyk can hold up medically (he recently had hip surgery), then the Saints made the right move to close out the first round.



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