Panera Bread look alikes in Providence

Are you in Providence? Are you hungry? Do you love Panera? Is the line just too long?Everyone loves a colorful salad, a hearty soup in a bread bowl, or a protein packed sandwhich, this is something we know. But people also love soft music, warm tones and comfortable seating. While Panera offers all of these, here are some of my favorite Panera Providence doppelgängers! 
First up is my personal favorite, Small Point Cafe on Westminster street is THE BEST when you’re looking for a quick bite, some coffee, and fast, pleasant service. They have multiple vegan/vegetarian options for meal choices and also milk alternatives. Second is Seven Stars Bakery not too far away on Broadway. Their bread is made fresh daily and puts Paneras to the test. Their cheap prices, and fast service and convenience of being right outside the city adds to their modern feel. 
Third and fourth would have to be Blue State Coffee, and Au Bon Pain on Thayer street. If you go to any of the colleges downtown, you know the closest Panera bread is in the Mall. So why make the trek down college hill when you have these Choices so close to home. Both have a wide variety of coffee, tea, and small meals. Cost efficient and the good vibes of Thayer street never fail. Last is The Shop located on Wickenden street. Another popular among college kids, because of the hip, eco friendly feel the cafe holds. The customers hold the cafe to high standards that the employees continue to uphold. The pastries offered give Panera a run for their money every day of the week. 
I hope next time you consider standing in the line for Panera you stop and remember that you are a person with options. Your coffee can be locally sourced. Your bread can still be warm from the oven. Your pastries fresher and more flakey than ever. Next time you want lunch and coffee, remember Panera is just a choice, not the only choice. And not the best choice. Make yours. 

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