5 Sneakers Every Rhode Islander Should Have

A couple years ago I watched a video by GQ about 5 sneakers every guy should own (video at bottom of the page) and I’ve always had the urge to make my own list. So that’s what I did. But I didn’t follow GQ’s categories fully. I made this list for people who live in RI and really anywhere with the unpredictable weather that we have.

1.) The Running Sneaker- A sneaker that you can put on for the gym and continuously wear it throughout the day without it looking like you were just at the gym.

Adidas Alpha Bounce

alpha bounce 1.jpg

alpha bounce 3.jpg

alpha bounce 2.jpg

2. The Mesh Sneaker- A breathable sneaker that will keep you cool for the events that you aren’t able to wear sandals to.

Adidas Pure Boost

pure boost 1.jpg

pure boost 3.jpg

pure boost 2.jpg

3. The Casual Sneaker- A Sneaker that you could dress up with khakis and a button up and still be comfortable.

Adidas Stan Smith

stan smith 4.jpg

stan smith 1.jpg

stan smith 3.jpg

4. The Canvas Sneaker– This is a sneaker that you’re able to just slide on with little thought on coordinating with your outfit because of the simplicity of it.

Vans of any model

vans 2.jpg

vans 1.jpg

vans 3.jpg

5. The Snow/Rain Boot- This is the boot that you wear when we get snow throughout the winter and even into the spring because that’s how Rhode Island weather works.

LL Bean Boot or Timberland 6” B

bean boot.jpg


timbs 2.jpg

Images Via Adidas, Highsnobiety, Pinterest, Sneaker Bar Detroit, Kicks Deals, Sneaker News

GQ’s Take:

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