Show Your Skin Some Love

Stop and smell the roses. Rose water dates back to ancient times where Cleopatra would use it to keep her skin cooled and dewy. This natural toner contains nutrients that can boost your complexion.


Here are some of the uses and benefits of rose water on your skin:

  • Balances skin’s PH to reduce redness, soothe inflammation and make your skin a place where bacteria is unable to survive.
  • Acts as an antiseptic to kill off acne causing bacteria.
  • Controls sebum production and tightens pores for users with oily skin.
  • Brightens hyper-pigmentation and acne scars while also allowing the skin barrier to repair and heal itself.


Introducing natural products into your skin care is crucial to have beautiful skin. I think the best way to start is to add in a natural toner, such as rose water, into your routine. From there you can start to substitute your harsh Pro-Active type products for natural alternatives that your skin will thank you for. To ensure that you are getting high quality ingredients check to see if any alcohol or fragrance is added. If you see that either of these are added to the ingredients, keep looking. Try to keep all of your skin care items alcohol and fragrance free since these are irritants that will further irritate your skin. Another ingredient to watch out for is Menthol. The cooling sensation may seem soothing but is also considered a skin irritant.

resized_rosewater_1024x1024.pngI am embarking on this natural skin care journey alongside you. The only natural product I’m currently using is CocoKind Organic Rose Water Facial Toner, the only ingredient in this spray being organic rose hydrosol. It was about 8 bucks, not any more pricey than your typical drugstore toner, at my local Marshalls.  Even though I know that natural products are the way to go I still find myself in the Neutrogena aisle to pick up a cleanser. I always seem to run out of face wash when I am at my top stress level. CVS is easy for me to run to and pick up what I need. But what if we stopped thinking of skin care as such a chore and put it higher up on the list. We spend so much money and time on makeup but in reality the makeup is just half the battle. Your skin can influence how that makeup will apply and look and that is why skin care should be a crucial step in your makeup routine. This summer I want to change my skin care routine and give my skin the tender loving care it deserves. I hope to make more blogs about my changing skin care regimen and that you guys will come along for the ride.


You with me?

– Katie

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