Significant Selfies

We all have seen the summer instagram posts. Everyone is spending time in Jamestown. The toll is worth the few bucks to spend a sunny day by the water and the boats. Recently we have all noticed people are back to visiting one of Rhode Island’s “hidden treasures”. This treasure being  Fort Whetherill State Park. These 100 foot high granite cliffs are the base of old military training camps, and are now covered in beautiful graffiti art. Once a site for training soldiers in the American Revolution is now a site for selfies and hikes, for anyone who takes the trek to Newport. Although to some, the historical significance seems to be lost with each post we make online, I believe it’s beautiful that social media can help preserve the memory of the battleground like a new age museum. In the 1770’s no one had any idea how the coming generations would preserve or appreciate their history. No one knew there would be history to preserve. We chose to tag it, and sign our twitter names, and march on it, while also leaving a piece of our soul behind, like the Rhode Island Soldiers who came long before us. Fort Whetherill will continue to stand tall, and colorful for many years to come. Holding a whole lot of significance and beauty, in a time capsule, right beneath our noses. 

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