Adam Jones vs The Fenway Faithful

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Adam Jones had quite the run in at Fenway Park this last Monday night. Jones released a statement on it and essentially I’ll just sum it up as Jones was called the “n-word” a handful of times from the bleachers last night along with having a bag of peanuts thrown in his direction.

I feel horrible for Adam Jones that this was his Fenway experience. In one of the most beautiful ballparks filled with some of the most passionate fans, this is beyond over the top, this is despicable.

Many people before this event have considered Boston Sports and their fans to be a racist demographic. People will site suspect reasons such as “The Patriots have an all-white receiving core, they don’t want blacks.” or “The Celtics need a white superstar” in reference to them cheering for Gordon Hayward in a game at the Garden earlier this year. SNL’s Michael Che went as far to say “Boston is the most racist city he has ever visited.”

In fact, right now, plenty of people on social media are questioning if Adam Jones is even telling the truth.

Some may believe him but don’t understand why nobody was there to stop the man from yelling these racial epithets at Adam such as Kirk Minihane above. He bring up valuable points and I think that some people may be afraid to question in fear of being called racists. Personally, I don’t understand how someone could be yelling this all night and nobody tries to defuse the situation such as security or another fan. Sam Kennedy of the Boston Red Sox said on WEEI today that there were 34 ejections last night from Fenway, none of which pertained to racial slurs. One of those 34 was the man who tried to throw the peanuts at Jones but missed and hit a Boston Police Officer resulting in his ejections.

People are questioning how nobody seems to know this man, and the people a caller to WEEI radio put it like this “how are we on the day after and nobody has called in to the station to tell that they saw this guy or were sitting near him.”

Knowing what has been given though we should take Adam Jones’ word for it, none of us were there and Adam is a veteran who has spoken out on race issues before and this is something he feels passionate about. I feel sorry that Jones had to experience such a situation, but what the media is misconstruing this into is that all Boston fans are racists and that is the furthest thing from the truth.

The Orioles have dominated the Sox so far this season, and right now Baltimore is top dog in the AL East. This new-found rivalry should continue tonight as Chris Sale takes the hill.

I don’t support the fan at all, racism has no place in this country but people out there still somehow support it. On behalf of the Fenway Faithful, our sincerest apologies to Adam Jones a respected competitor of the Boston Red Sox. I hope this man does come forward and appropriate punishment will be dished out to him.


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