Results & Upcoming Card:


MAY 6 , 2017



David Lemieux defeats Marco Reyes by unanimous decision.

Lemieux has some of the best power in boxing and one of the hardest punchers in the sport.

How Reyes stood there and absorbed hard shot after hard shot is mindboggling.

Reyes showed a lot of heart and stayed in there when fight fans assumed he wouldn’t be able to stay in there.

Lemieux now puts himself back in the drivers seat of a possible big fight against the top in the division.



MAY 6 , 2017



Canelo Alvarez wanted to solidify his position as the best Mexican boxer on the planet vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Not only did he reaffirm his stance, but he made it look easy defeating Chavez Jr. by unanimous decision (120-108, 120-108, 120-108).

 Canelo made it a point from the outset to show that he was the better boxer and broke Chavez Jr.’s will in the first round. Canelo popped the jab, connected on vicious left hooks and had Chavez. Jr backpedaling for the duration of the fight.

Chavez Jr. was reluctant to use his size to press Canelo and instead tried to box against someone who was the better overall fighter. After the sixth round with the fight obviously getting out of hand, Chavez Jr. continued to think he could box and was afraid to exchange with Canelo.

Canelo had jumped two weight classes for the 164.5 pound affair against Chavez Jr and it didn’t affect him in the slightest bit. He looked crisp, sharp and was able to carry his power to 164.5 pounds.

The real excitement came when Gennady Golovkin joined Canelo in the ring to announce their September 16th mega-fight.





The Cotto-Roc Nation Sports separation was amicable but came about because they simply could not agree on the money Cotto should be paid for the fight, a source with knowledge of the situation said. Cotto, the source said, wanted way more than Roc Nation Sports was willing to guarantee for such a marginal fight that likely would have lost money.

Kamegai, who is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, had already signed a contract for the fight, but it was contingent upon Cotto signing, which he hadn’t, and there being a television outlet for the bout, which there wasn’t. HBO, Cotto’s longtime television home, was not interested in the Kamegai fight unless Cotto had a major fight lined up after it, which he did not, according to a source.

Cotto (40-5, 33 KO) has not fought since falling to Canelo Alvarez in November of 2015 and has competed just four times in the last four years. Longtime rumblings of a fight between him and Juan Manuel Marquez had previously fallen though, as had a planned pay-per-view bout with James Kirkland after “Mandingo Warrior” suffered an injury in training.

Cotto turns 37 this year and his last two wins were over a hobbled Sergio Martinez and a drained Daniel Geale. Kamegai (27-3-2, 24 KO) is a blood-and-guts bruiser who could put on an enjoyable show against a man-sized Weeble, but it’s blatantly obvious that he’s not the sort of fighter Cotto can expect big bucks to fight at this point in his career. Hopefully, he can take this time off to practice some self-awareness.


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