8 Essentials to Make Spring Great

Spring has sprung. For most people, like me, it’s a confusing time to figure out what to wear for the day. Depending on the weather it could be anything between a hoodie and sweatpants to a tee shirt and shorts. The weather is always changing in RI. Here’s a list of essentials that will help you combat the changing weather and will even help you into the Summer (Outfit Inspirations at bottom).


I personally love to wear hats, I just feel as though it compliments my outfit and it makes things easier when leaving the house. In the spring I think it’s especially important to have a hat with you incase the sun shines out of nowhere or if you just want to rep your favorite sports team.

dad hats.jpg


Whether you’re driving or walking to class the sun can shine out of nowhere and leave you blinded. The best way to combat this problem while looking good is having a nice pair of sunglasses on you at all times. Not sure what pair to choose? Check out Louie’s Perfect Glasses For You to see which glasses compliment your face shape: https://rocknrhody.com/2017/04/23/finding-the-perfect-glasses-for-you/


sunglasses 2.png

sunglasses 0.png

sunglasses 1.png

Lightweight hoodie

The reasoning behind having a lightweight hoodie on this list is that there’s going to be some days where a windbreaker isn’t going to keep you warm. But it’s also not cold enough to wear something heavier like a peacoat or parka.

hoodie 1.jpg

hoodie 2.png



For the spring it is extremely important to have a windbreaker on deck. When you’re going from class to class and its breezy out but not cold enough to wear a hoodie, a windbreaker is your best bet. Windbreakers are one of the my favorite options for the spring because they mix fashion and function seamlessly.

windbreaker styled.jpg


windbreaker styled 1.jpg


Spring time means that you’ll be wearing two layers at the most, so you need to make sure you have great options for your base. Make sure you have your basic blacks, whites, and greys as well as some bright colors or pales to keep things fresh.

shirt white.png

shirt black.jpg

Button Ups

Button Ups can be worn to class or even to the BBQ parties that are slowly approaching. They come in a variety of materials but I suggest a lightweight cotton blend so you can stay cool and breathable. Under a button up it’s classic to opt for a plain white tee, if you want to try something different you can experiment with a black or even blue tee underneath.

buttton up 2.jpg

buttton up 3.jpg

buttton up.jpg


If it’s a little too warm to wear a button up and tee you can change to a nice polo shirt with no undershirt. Polo’s have a classy yet casual aspect to them, and that’s what makes them so great and versatile.

polo 0.jpg

polo 1.jpg

polo 2.jpg


Of course I can’t make a Spring Essentials list without including everyone’s favorite, shorts. For anyone it’s important to have a mix of plain shorts and some wild ones. Some days you just want your shorts to compliment your outfit, others you want your shorts to be the centerpiece. But make sure you have some pants on deck for the breezier days and colder nights.

shorts 0.jpg

shorts 2.jpg

spring fit 3.jpg


Okay yes I added a 9th essential to this list, but it was for good reason. Sneakers can make or break your outfit. Your best bet to have a great spring is a nice clean pair of sneakers ready to go. My favorite option for the spring is to have a pair of all white leather sneakers. They’re a little basic but they have a clean look and will match any fit you put together. Another great sneaker to op for is classic pair of vans.

stan smith 5.jpg

buttton up 1.jpg

vans 4.jpg

Outfit Inspirations

spring fit.jpg

spring fit 0.jpg

shorts 1.jpg

spring fit 4.jpg

Images Via Pinterest, Sunglass Hut, American Eagle, J.Crew, Footlocker, Zumies

Featured Image Via Tiana D’Acchioli, @tiana_dac on Twitter


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