Sad News: Mike Trout will be out for a while

Mike Trout is hands down the best baseball player on the planet. As of right now Trout  is on pace to arguably be the best player to ever play the game. The dude has legit killed it in all of his 5  previous seasons and it’s crazy to believe but Trout may have been in the midst of his best season so far. Annnndddd…. it’s gone. Trout slid into 2nd base head first  this past weekend and jammed his thumb pretty bad. His X-rays came back negative which was a positive sign but after getting an MRI it was revealed that Trout had a Torn-UCL in his thumb which means he might be out 6-8 weeks. Clearly this is pretty depressing news. Trout may not get the attention other stars do because he plays for a pretty mediocre team but it’s pretty insane how he has consistently gotten even better season after season. I hope and pray that Trout can make a quick recovery because I just love seeing the dude destroy the ball for a living.

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