Celtics would be DUMB not to make a push for Kyrie

News broke today that Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from the Cavs. I don’t blame the dude, LBJ is on the way out so that whole team is about to blow up, plus who wants to live in Cleveland. Anyways Kyrie to the Celtics makes way more sense than the PG to BOS rumors that have circulated for the past year or so. For one thing Kyrie is locked up for the next 3 seasons on a pretty cheap deal (compared to the recent deals being dished out.) Celtics would have control over him at around only 20M per season. Unlike PG who would have likely walked following this upcoming season. The Celtics also have to make a decision on whether or not they want to cash out on IT. Thomas who is a free agent after this season will certainly request the max. Don’t get me wrong IT is a great offensive player and plays with a lot of heart but his defense is atrocious. We’ve seen Kyrie play great defense against many of the NBAs most talented players. So the question is do you want to pay IT 30M+ a year, or trade IT + Picks for 3 years of Kyrie (who is only 25 years old and is already a 4x all star.) To me, this seems like a no brainer. Ainge has done a lot to stock up on picks and assets and it’s time for him to pull the trigger and make something happen. IT may be a fan favorite but Kyrie will push the Celtics over the top. Your move Danny Ainge. 

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