Mac Miller at Rolling Loud 2017

I went to the biggest Hip-Hop Festival in the last 15 years May 5th to May 7th. It was at Bayfront park in Miami, Florida and this was the 3rd year of the Rolling Loud Festival running. This lineup would blow any die hard fan and any radio fan away, it had literally everything. My favorite artist … Continue reading Mac Miller at Rolling Loud 2017

Finding the Perfect Glasses for You

Not everyone was born with 20/20 vision and not everyone is in love with the concept of contact lenses. Fortunately for some people glasses have been riding an upward trend in fashion. Glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and to find the perfect one for you is to know your face shape. Look … Continue reading Finding the Perfect Glasses for You

Don’t be Sour (The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water)

Lemon water is a nutritious and refreshing drink to have at any moment during any season. It is a popular beverage in restaurants as it is costs essentially nothing and harmonizes well with dinner. Lemon is one of the most powerful fruits, when effecting the human anatomy. For me drinking lemon water on a consistent … Continue reading Don’t be Sour (The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water)


Rhode Island is known for many things: Iggy’s, Thayer Street, being the smallest state in the country, and among many things--Friartown. Friartown, otherwise known as, Providence College is a small, four-year, private liberal arts institution. Located in the heart of the city, Providence College is known for its science and business programs. Which leads me … Continue reading Friartown