Good Eats: Brooklyn Brothers – Cranston

Brooklyn Brothers is a local sandwich shop that opened up about 2 years ago in Cranston, RI. This quickly turned into one of my favorite spots for lunch, as they have a good size menu with sandwiches you could get nowhere else. They also have sides like potato salad, anti pasta salad and even specialty … Continue reading Good Eats: Brooklyn Brothers – Cranston

Good Eats: Duck & Bunny – Providence

The D&B is a “Snuggery”: a cozy and comfortable restaurant. snuggery: (Snŭg’ə-rē) n. a cozy and comfortable place If you're looking to get crepes in Providence, this is the place to go to! They have long hours and an extensive menu actually, offering Brunch, Tea, Coffee, Wine, Beer, Cocktails & Bakery Goods. I have been … Continue reading Good Eats: Duck & Bunny – Providence

Underground Dunkin Frozen Drink Menu

As a current Dunkin' Donuts employee there are a lot of tips and tricks on making the perfect frozen drink. Certain swirls and flavor combinations work in harmony and some are left to be desired. Having 2+ years of experience at Dunkin Donuts has given me all the time in the world to experiment. And … Continue reading Underground Dunkin Frozen Drink Menu

RI’s Best NY Style Bagels

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of the same old- Dunkin’, Starbucks, and Honey Dew on every corner of the state. While they are fast and convenient, it's a boring routine and you’re getting the same things every day without many options. New to North Main Street in Providence (near Whole Foods!!), is Providence … Continue reading RI’s Best NY Style Bagels