The World’s Most Powerful Facial

It’s finals week for most college students and is an incredibly stressful time. Unfortunately stress can manifest itself as breakouts on your skin. The perfect match for breakouts and stress is a clay mask. I started using clay masks when I got a sample of Glam Glow, a very popular mud mask that was first used on [...]

Show Your Skin Some Love

Stop and smell the roses. Rose water dates back to ancient times where Cleopatra would use it to keep her skin cooled and dewy. This natural toner contains nutrients that can boost your complexion. Here are some of the uses and benefits of rose water on your skin: Balances skin’s PH to reduce redness, soothe inflammation [...]


Hey you! Get your mind out of the gutter!!! Nude lipsticks are my go-to and I'm here to tell you all of my faves. First up is the first nude lipstick I’ve ever bought. Take a trip down memory lane, before liquid lipsticks ruled the makeup scene and MAC lipsticks were all the rage. New [...]