Understanding your Undertone

It is summer, the sun is finally out, and every girl is stressing out because she’s in between foundations. Finding a new foundation for the bronze goddess you are becoming can be stressful. This has always been very stressful for me, because it was a rare that I actually found a foundation that completely matched my … Continue reading Understanding your Undertone

The World’s Most Powerful Facial

It’s finals week for most college students and is an incredibly stressful time. Unfortunately stress can manifest itself as breakouts on your skin. The perfect match for breakouts and stress is a clay mask. I started using clay masks when I got a sample of Glam Glow, a very popular mud mask that was first used on … Continue reading The World’s Most Powerful Facial

How to Glow for the Gods: Young and Broke Edition

Hey guys! This is my first beauty blog on Rock n’ Rhody and I wanted to introduce myself before we dove into the magical world of dewy skin and metallic lip toppers. My name is Katie Mattiace and I am a 19 year old Communication Studies major at the University of Rhode Island. For as … Continue reading How to Glow for the Gods: Young and Broke Edition