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DAVID LEMIEUX vs. MARCOS REYES MAY 6 , 2017 (MIDDLEWEIGHT) David Lemieux defeats Marco Reyes by unanimous decision. Lemieux has some of the best power in boxing and one of the hardest punchers in the sport. How Reyes stood there and absorbed hard shot after hard shot is mindboggling. Reyes showed a lot of heart [...]

NFC Draft Grades

Now we get to take a look at how the NFC teams fared in this years draft. Some teams, like the 49ers and Redskins did a tremendous job hauling in players that they needed, and other teams, like Chicago, left us shaking our heads asking what they were thinking. NFC EAST: Dallas Cowboys : Grade: [...]

Julian Edelman just ruined Matt Harvey’s life in the most savage way possible

Ahh the things any guy would do to get in bed with the beautiful Adriana Lima. Before this March, Julian Edelman was that guy, a true American Hero. I mean he plays for the Patriots, his best friend is Tom Brady and he was sleeping with Adriana Lima, sign me up (don't tell my girlfriend). [...]

AFC Draft Grades

There was a lot of depth to this year's draft class. A lot of teams drafted potential starters with their first few picks. As a whole, the AFC teams did quite a good job addressing their needs. Did some teams make some head-scratching picks? Yes of course, but that is always expected on draft day. [...]

The World’s Most Powerful Facial

Itโ€™s finals week for most college students and is an incredibly stressful time. Unfortunately stress can manifest itself as breakouts on your skin. The perfect match for breakouts and stress is a clay mask. I started using clay masks when I got a sample of Glam Glow, a very popular mud mask that was first used on [...]