Results & Upcoming Card:

DAVID LEMIEUX vs. MARCOS REYES MAY 6 , 2017 (MIDDLEWEIGHT) David Lemieux defeats Marco Reyes by unanimous decision. Lemieux has some of the best power in boxing and one of the hardest punchers in the sport. How Reyes stood there and absorbed hard shot after hard shot is mindboggling. Reyes showed a lot of heart … Continue reading Results & Upcoming Card:

Can the Celtics do it in the playoffs?

The Boston Celtics are having an above average regular season (51-29) with the additions of Al Horford and their up and coming #3 pick Jaylen Brown. This team relies on synergy and ball movement to create success on the offensive end, but also relies on Isaiah Thomas putting big numbers game after game. The problem … Continue reading Can the Celtics do it in the playoffs?